Matthew Brown Writes Really Specific Pool Reports

It’s not often that you see White House Pool Reports this exact. But the Baltimore Sun’s Matthew Brown is a revolutionary:

    10:05 a.m. Marine One touches down in parking lot at Micron Technology Virginia.

    10:07 President Bush emerges from Marine One, waves to press pool, walks into plant for what aides say is a tour. He is accompanied on the visit by Karl Rove.

    10:21 Micron CEO Steven R. Appleton and Bush enter conference room. Audience includes employees of Micron Technology Virginia, Manassas Mayor Douglas S. Waldron and Rep. Mike Simpson, Republican of Idaho, in whose district Micron Technology Inc. is headquartered. Appleton introduces Bush.

    10:22 Bush begins speaking. He stands before a large posterboard featuring the Micron logo and images relating to computer chips. There is a Micron sign behind him to his right and a sign that says “Strong Economy Balanced Budget” to his left.

    10:37 While discussing earmarks, hoists a stack of papers nearly a foot thick and bound by yellow tape. Says this is what an earmarked-stuffed committee report looks like.

    10:45 Finishes speaking. Shakes hands with Micron workers in the first couple of rows.

    10:56 Exits plant, walks to Marine One in parking lot.

    10:58 Marine One lifts off.

Will Joe Curl find a way to mock this? To be continued…