Matt Taibbi at Vroman’s Tonight

Don’t know how we almost missed this. Rolling Stone journo and FBLA favorite Matt Taibbi will be appearing at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena tonight to discuss his new book “Griftopia.”

Here’s the event info:

The financial crisis of 2008 wasn’t the end of something; it was only the beginning. Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi unravels the whole story, digging beyond the headlines to get into the deeper roots and wider implications of the rise of the “grifters”, defined by Taibbi as a class made up of the largest players in the financial industry and the politicians who do their bidding. Using a combination of deep sources, trailblazing reportage, and provocative analysis, he creates a lucid, emotionally galvanizing, and scathingly funny account of the ongoing political and financial crisis in America.

The talk starts at 7. Hurry up and take the Gold Line from Downtown and you can check out the Art Walk when you’re done. Look at that, big cultural night for you! Nice work!