Bloomberg TV’s Matt Miller Bounces Back from 2013 Hit-and-Run

Here’s an impressive way to bridge the gap between graduating from Columbia Journalism school and starting a job at Alaska’s Cordova Times: crank out a solid longform piece for Business Insider.

There’s a personal connection here. Long before attending Columbia, article author Ben Yeager, at age 10, met Bloomberg TV’s Matt Miller (pictured) on Fire Island, where their families owned adjacent summer homes. Yeager does a great job of recounting the horrible hit-and-run accident that Miller was involved in on May 29, 2013, and notes that the pickup vs. Ducati motorcycle incident has done little to slow Miller down:

Miller covers business (and increasingly Bitcoin). He is also an automotive-industry reporter, a gig with serious perks. He is rarely without a luxury sedan or sports car — think Aston Martins, Bentleys, and Ferraris — provided by the automakers for his segments.

Weekends often find him test-driving these vehicles at the Monticello racetrack in New York and at Lime Rock in Connecticut. Last week, he raced Lamborghini Aventadors at the New Jersey Motorsports Park, and rode every model of Ducati motorcycle in the Catskills with the company’s head of North American sales. This week, he’s heading off to California to race Audi R8s against the U.S. CEO.

There’s plenty more in this great piece, including the fascinating details of how Miller’s mom worked with her son to determine whether dropping out of Ohio high school was the right thing to do. Read Yeager’s full piece here.

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