Matt Cooper On His Way Out?

On Monday, reporting on Mike Allen‘s new job, the NYT’s Kit Seelye had this as her second line: “His hiring may have implications for the status of Time’s other White House correspondent, Matthew Cooper.” At the time, it seemed hazy as to exactly what that meant, but was she sending a code saying Cooper was coming to the NYT?

Lloyd Grove today: “I hear that Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper–who avoided being jailed like Judy Miller in the CIA-White House leak investigation, after his bosses gave up Karl Rove as Cooper’s ‘double super secret background’ source–has been reaching out to pals at The New York Times. Folks are speculating that now that the newsweekly has hired Washington Post ace Mike Allen to cover the White House, Cooper is feeling a bit crowded. He didn’t respond to E-mail or phone messages yesterday.”