Matmi unveils Rollabear, coming soon to mobile

Image via Matmi

Matmi today announced the upcoming launch of its newest mobile game, Rollabear, which will roll onto iOS devices next month. The game features over 60 levels across multiple themed worlds, and asks players to control rolling bears through 3D environments filled with collectibles to pick up and obstacles to avoid.

Rollabear will feature over 20 bears at launch, including cute panda bears, robot and Native American bears, punk bears and more. Bears travel to different locations via a portal in the back of a washing machine in a local laundromat (of course), and must collect golden boxes on each course to earn points and a chance at getting back home. The game will feature three worlds to start, including an Arctic Wonderland and The Rockies.

For players that steer their rolling bear(s) off-course, the time-warping goldfish Lord Gillsworth will allow players to roll back time and correct their mistakes. The levels end with a quick round of bowling, as players can aim at a group of pins at the end of the track for one last score boost.

Rollabear will feature Facebook Connect for comparing scores with friends, as well as an achievement system. The game comes to iOS on October 8, and will launch on Google Play and the Windows App Store soon. Watch a trailer for Rollabear below.