MasterCard’s Server Went Down. And Twitter Users Raged Because They Couldn’t Get Their Dunkin’ Fix

The company said 'a sporadic acceptance issue' was the problem

Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Soure: Mastercard

Your morning routine is sacrosanct. Deviate just a hair, and your day can spiral out of control. Consider today your hair tussled.

This morning, millions of Americans, went about their day the same way they always do. Wake up, brush their teeth, take a shower, get dressed, high-five the kids on the way to work. And then they went to get coffee, or breakfast, or… something. They placed their order and when it arrived, pulled out their MasterCard—in whatever their preferred format is; actual card, ApplePay, whatever—and were told by the server that, “Sorry, MasterCard isn’t working. What can you do?”

Which is fitting because MasterCard has been saying (and getting media to say) “we’re a tech company” for years. I mean, think of all the times Google and Facebook and Twitter go down. (Well, maybe not Twitter, it used to go down daily.)

In an email, Mastercard tells Adweek that “We had a sporadic acceptance issue this morning at a few merchants. The issue has been resolved.”

We asked what ‘a few means,’ as the outage seems to be nationwide. We’ll update the story should they respond.

Also, if Twitter is to be our guide, America does, in fact, run on Dunkin, which used Masterpass to strengthen its loyalty program for its 7.5 million DD Perks members. The people—and they aren’t happy—are taking their gripes and grouses to the central square.


@joshsternberg Josh Sternberg is the former media and tech editor at Adweek.