Follow Master Chef Contestants On Twitter

Watching the show Master Chef just became a bit more interesting. Why?

If you were watching it last night you may have noticed contestants’ Twitter handles were listed as they shared their dishes during the final competition of the night.

So now you can tell off contestant Ryan Umane (if you’re so inclined). Don’t worry, he seems to like it.
There are many ways to get involved with the show on Twitter.

You can follow along and dish with other fans using the #MasterChef hashtag, or interact with the judges. There’s Joe Bastianich, who sometimes makes Gordon Ramsey seem kind – and the tattoo covered Graham Elliot, who does not shy away from tough criticism either.

And then there are the contestants. There are 14 left and here they are (excluding Ryan, listed above):

David Martinez, Felix Fang, Monti Carlo (yes, that’s really her name), Mike Hill, Josh Marks, Scott Little, Tali Clavijo (Ryan’s partner in crime), Tanya Noble, Anna Rossi, Frank Mirando, Stacey Amagrande, Becky Reams and one of our favorites, blind contestant Christine Ha.

The contestants don’t seem to really trash talk, but the fans certainly do. As I mentioned Ryan is a favorite target. Particularly after giving Christine a live crab to cook with (instead of canned crab – it was his choice):

Ryan seems to like the attention and is fond of saying “boom goes the Rynomite.”

And Christine? Not only a great cook, but obviously a great person. She comes to Ryan’s defense even though her hand got pierced by the crab! (Again, the live crab he gave to the blind woman! Grr.)

So get on there and support (or diss) your favorite Chef!

(Chefs image from Shutterstock)