MassHive Media Launches Vimala: Defense Warlords on iOS

Vimala 2Indonesian developer MassHive Media has announced the launch of Vimala: Defense Warlords on iOS devices. The game is described as a mix between a tower defense title and a turn-based RPG, which looks to “shake up” the tower defense genre by adding in, among other things, a weather system that alters gameplay. In the game, players work to rebuild the Aranya Kingdom across multiple game modes, while collecting heroes (and new gear) for increased strength.

In Vimala: Defense Warlords, players have access to two main gameplay modes: Skirmish and Dungeon. Skirmish is a strategic tower defense mode, that sees players taking turns against the computer, recruiting new heroes, assigning them to protect fortresses on the map, and more. The goal of a Skirmish battle is to destroy the enemy’s Capital before they can do the same. Units can be assigned to protect the capital and other controlled structures, and buildings within the player’s empire can be upgraded to increase their productivity over time.

In each battle, players balance the use of key resources, like gold and stones, which are used to recruit additional units or upgrade structures (and are produced at these structures over time). These units, in turn, can be assigned to defend structures from enemy attacks. Once players are ready to attack an enemy’s base, or if their own bases are attacked, the game moves to the battlefield, where players spend Action Points to attack in turn-based battles. They’re allowed to attack once per turn, with regular attacks requiring less Action Points than special skills do.VimalaMeanwhile, Dungeon mode is an endless battle experience, where units and heroes are automatically boosted to the highest level. Players can bring up to six heroes into a Dungeon mode battle.

Units come in two attack types, specializing in either short or long range attacks. Depending on the enemy’s battle formation, players can attack units on the front or the back line with the appropriate soldier. Some units, like an archer, can attack multiple enemies at once with special skills. As for the weather system, this may trigger special advantages or disadvantages during battle. If there’s a snowstorm in the area, for instance, a cold wind can whip though the battlefield, stunning a unit for a single turn.

Over time, players can collect over 40 equipment items to make their heroes stronger, and can fuse excess items to make them stronger still. Players can unlock more than eight unique heroes in all.

Vimala: Defense Warlords is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is supported by available in-app purchases.