Massaro Takes Over to Finish Where Lloyd Wright Stopped


Here’s a pretty great story of personal achievement, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you aren’t, maybe we can sway you if you’re a Frank Lloyd Wright fan. The story’s about Joseph Massaro, who just finished building a house from plans Wright drew up but never saw put to use. What’s more, Massaro even bought the property the famous architect wanted to build the house in in the first place. And all it took was a little elbow grease, some grit and determination and many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A modest Wright-designed cottage already existed on the 10-acre woodsy island, and while there had been blueprints for a grander structure, they stayed rolled up in a desk drawer for nearly 50 years.

The one-story, 5,000-square-foot glass, stone and concrete house was finished after a four-year construction period. It stretches out into the lake with a more than 60-foot cantilevered, glass-walled deck that attracts attention from boaters, local residents and architectural aficionados.

And for further reading, the NY Journal News, where the attached image came from, has a sidebar full of archived stories about Massaro’s progress from nearly the beginning. Read up on it before he gets a book deal or they make some sort of sappy, “based on a true story” film about it.