Massachusetts Ended Sexual Assault Awareness Month With the Worst Advice Ever

April Sexual Assault Awareness MonthSexual assault is no joke and is one of the most vile crimes on the planet. According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), every two minutes there is a sexual assault committed in this country.

That said, awareness for sexual assault is very important. You would expect anyone talking, discussing, or even tweeting about something so serious, would tread lightly about what is said, right?

Well, most people … outside the state of Massachusetts.

Wait until you see the advice given on behalf of the entire state. And it happened on Twitter…

Thanks for the jump. And now, without further ado, here’s the tweet on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:


“Sexual assault is always avoidable.” Wait, what?!

Obviously, Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick found his cell phone blowing up and he wondering what ever could be the matter. According to CNN, he found out quickly.

“It was a stupid comment that certainly does not reflect the views of this administration or my own, or frankly the director of the organization that photo’d [sic] them,” Patrick said, according to CNN affiliate WGGB in Massachusetts.

And 12 hours later, said unfortunate tweet was erased, but not before it trended nationwide and the hate ensued. It got so excruciating that issued an apology via four tweets:


And he wasn’t done there (for good reason):

“Having spoken with the author [of the tweet] this morning, it is clear there was no malicious intent behind the tweet; the tweet inaccurately summarized the content in the linked-to blog post, which discussed services available for victims of sexual assault,” Kula said. “The author has agreed to participate in sexual assault awareness training.”

#ApologyFail? You be the judge.