Masked Gunmen Make Off With Truckful of Apple Gadgets

I’ve known people who had to get just one more Apple product, but these guys took it too far.

Le Parisien is reporting that several thieves stole a delivery truck this morning. The truck was carrying a load of Apple products through Aulnay-sous-Bois, a suburb of Paris, when 3 or 4 hijackers set upon the drivers.  The  thieves were armed with assault rifles, and after forcing the drivers to take them to a remote location, the thieves made them get out and drove of with the truck and its contents.

Later this morning the police recovered the truck with some of the shipment still inside. Reports are indicating that the rest of the missing shipment was later recovered from a nearby house. The gunmen were no where to be found.

via Le Parisien

image by Skrewtape