Mashable’s New Chief Content Officer Talks Future

A look down the road.

Now that the dust has settled from Mashable’s layoffs, the company’s new chief content officer Greg Gittrich has offered his vision on the site’s future. Below are some highlights from his note.

On if Mashable will still cover news:

The notable change is that we’ve decided not to focus on general interest news and broad coverage of the world. We’ll cover big breaking news and important issues through the lens of our core sections, using our expertise in those areas to find unique angles, fascinating characters, and exclusive information. We’ll also use our real-time news team to report on significant stories unfolding across social media. We’re expanding the real-time team and adding video and visual storytelling capabilities across all core areas of coverage.

On Mashable’s new content organization:

We’ve brought together editorial, our audience development and social units, and video operations into one content team. In the past, these resources were spread out across the organization. We believe the new structure will allow us to work together more and be more creative and innovative.

On future endeavors:

We’ll prioritize our coverage of tech, entertainment, science, web culture, business, social media, lifestyle, and real-time news. We’ll launch new video series and incorporate animation, graphics, and illustrations more into our coverage. We’ll talk a lot more about how we can use data, both to uncover exclusive information and reach larger audiences. We’ll continue to expand Mashable to additional platforms.