Mashable: The State of the NYC Blogosphere is Crowded

Despite tough times, or perhaps because of them, last night’s Mashable ‘State of the New York Blogosphere’ event at the Tribeca 92StY was a packed affair. And as is wont to happen when you fill a room with social networking internty types, most of what happens finds its socially networked way on to the Internet in one form or another. Something that is particularly fortuitous for latecomers such as ourselves. See also here, here, and here.

Despite our tardiness we did manage to catch The Daily Beast’s Bryan Keefer (we hear all the panelists were great, by the way) talk a bit about the question on all our minds these days: how do we get paid? In this clip (after the jump) he discusses the ways in which online advertisers need to change their approach (why can’t online ads look like Super Bowl ads?!), which he says is something they are working on at the Daily Beast. But also! Why micropayments and packaged content won’t work! “People are willing to pay for entertainment in a way they are not willing to pay for text,” says Keefer. We shall see!

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