Mashable Helps Geeks Get a Life

Follows HuffPo's lead in broadening its scope

Mashable, the tech news website once described by Time magazine as "the largest and most popular blog focused on social networking,” has grown exponentially since its launch in 2005. Mashable’s focus has been primarily the tech and business side of social and digital media. More recently, though, the site has expanded its coverage of consumer technology and gadgets, among other areas. Think 10 Nerdy Accessories For Your Summer BBQ.

So it's not a huge departure to roll out a new Lifestyle section, which Mashable did on May 24. "It's about how digital, social, and technology touches you in you life personally,” explained Lance Ulanoff, Mashable's editor in chief.  "The Lifestyle Channel will look at what are the psychological impacts of technology.”

Indeed, the new channel houses several sub sections one might not expect from Mashable: Family and Parenting ("exploring how to raise a family in the digital world"), Health and Fitness, and Home. The purpose of these channels are to help “people outside that deeply technical field, people living with technology, to understand how to use [tech] and learn how to get more out of it,” said Ulanoff. "We'll always have digital at our core. We're not trying to compete directly with and talk broadly about lifestyle stuff, but the reality is, digital touches every part of our lives.”

Former tech producer Andrea Smith will serve as the new Lifestyle Channel editor. Smith has more than a decade of experience, having covered tech at ABC News Radio and ABC TV. Alongside Smith will be associate editor Sarah Kessler, who has been reporting on the tech startup beat for Mashable since August 2010.

The section launch is exclusively sponsored by ASICS.