Toronto Sportswriter Bemoans City’s Newest Buffoon

MasaiUjiriPicToronto Sun columnist Steve Buffery has wasted no time committing the misdeed of a local sports team GM to the public record. In case you missed it, Raptors exec Masai Ujiri (pictured) was done in today by an Instagram user and had to quickly apologize for rallying local fans, pre-Game One against the Nets, with the cry of “F*** Brooklyn!”

Here’s Buffery’s article intro:

Could Saturday’s NBA playoff opener at the Air Canada Centre against the Brooklyn Nets be any more of an embarrassment for the Raptors and the city of Toronto?

The only thing missing was Rob Ford juggling plates at halftime and then falling on to a coffee table.

In a drunken stupor, of course.

The rest of Buffery’s column is equally lively, covering a shot clock power outage, some grumbling from a Buffalo News scribe and more. The TO journo thinks that Ujiri, in the Google search department, has today forever done himself in. Which, if it turns out to be true, is a shame given the resplendent details of the Nigerian’s rise to North American GM-dom.

[Photo courtesy: Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment]

Update (April 20):
There is probably someone right now readying “F*** Toronto!” T-shirts for street sale on the Barclays Center sidewalk during Game Three. In the meantime, there are these back covers today on Easter Sunday:



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