Ham Now Officially Full of HotAir

As the clock struck 12 last night, Mary Katharine Ham, formerly of The Daily Caller, WMAL, The Heritage Foundation, Townhall and The Weekly Standard, made it official: She now works for HotAir.com.

Strangely enough, she won’t name “WMAL” but refers to it as a “morning radio show on Washington’s conservative talk station.”

Ham feels sentimental about her new position blogging, doing video, podcasting and appearing on The Ed Morrissey Show: “It was near the beginning of that career that Michelle Malkin, the Boss Emeritus as she’s known around here, was kind enough to let me fill in for her in the early days of HotAir, recording a couple episodes of her daily video blog, Vent,” she writes in the late night post. “It was my first attempt at online video, and I’m sure it was pretty goofy, and not entirely intentionally. Ever since then, HotAir’s always made me feel like an honorary part of the team, and many in the HotAir audience apparently agreed. For years, I’ve been running into people who assume I work for HotAir, so I’m glad we could make it official.”

She also gives shout-outs to her former bosses: “Without Michelle and my other bosses (Jon Garthwaite, Hugh, Tucker and Bill Kristol, lookin’ at you!)— most of whom I’m lucky to still work with— taking a chance on me.”

Congratulations to Ham on her new job!

CORRECTION: Earlier, we wrote that Ham had worked at WAMU. She was co-host on 105.9 FM/630AM WMAL, not WAMU.