Marvel Unveils Guardians of the Galaxy Content on Facebook, Mobile

During the Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic Con last week, Marvel revealed a round of new Guardians of the Galaxy updates scheduled for its products on Facebook, mobile and consoles. For Facebook users, Marvel: Avengers Alliance will be updated with new story-based content, while mobile gamers can be on the lookout for new updates in multiple titles.

In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the next Spec Op will include a story by writer Alex Irvine, centered on the Guardians of the Galaxy heroes and villains. According to the game’s Facebook fan page, this content will launch on Facebook on August 1.

Meanwhile, fans of Marvel: War of Heroes on mobile will have new in-game raid boss events to try during August, September and October. The August event is themed around Iron Man: Armor Wars, while September’s event will feature Guardians of the Galaxy. Finally, the October event marks the game’s second birthday, and will be appropriately themed with “special events and other fun surprises.”

Finally, Marvel Pinball on mobile will be updated with Guardians of the Galaxy content on July 31. All five team members will bring their battle with Ronan the Accuser to pinball fans, beginning with a four-ball multi-ball as players escape the Klyn (prison). The table will feature Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Racoon and even Ronan himself.

While this might seem like plenty of content for Guardians of the Galaxy fans, Disney Interactive has also released a standalone game for the film in Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon. Guardians of the Galaxy releases in US theaters August 1.