Marvel, TinyCo Launch Marvel Avengers Academy on iOS, Android

The game allows players to interact with a variety of Marvel characters, who have been reimagined as students at Avengers Academy, a college for super heroes.

Marvel and TinyCo have announced the release of Marvel Avengers Academy on iOS and Android. The free-to-play game allows players to interact with a variety of Marvel characters, who have been reimagined as students at Avengers Academy, a college for super heroes.

The gameplay in Marvel Avengers Academy is similar to that of TinyCo’s Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, in that players will collect multiple characters as they progress, and can assign these characters to complete timed tasks. Gamers can spend premium currency to speed up these tasks.

Players begin with characters like Iron Man and Wasp, and can recruit additional free and premium characters to their Academy over time. These characters are voiced, with celebrities including John Cena (Hulk) and Dave Franco (Iron Man), among others, providing their voices to the game.

As players construct new buildings in their academy, they’ll unlock new tasks for heroes to complete. Players are led through the game by a main quest series, as well as side missions. These side missions allow players to earn prizes including extra coins.

With the game focusing on life around a college campus, players will be able to complete tasks relating to not only combat training and other super hero duties, but also attending parties and studying, as examples. Players will also be able to send characters on dates.

Marvel Avengers Academy Characters

In a recent interview, Jeremy Horn, general manager of TinyCo, told SocialTimes more about the game.

SocialTimes: How much of an influence, if any, did the Avengers Academy comic books have on the making of this mobile game?

Jeremy Horn: The Avengers Academy comic series, created by the amazing Bill Rosemann (Marvel Games creative director), was a major inspiration behind the game! It was an invaluable resource as we reimagined these beloved superheroes as college students. Bill became one of our most important partners at Marvel in making the game.

ST: The story in Marvel Avengers Academy seems to have humor as a major theme. Was there a particular reason the team decided to go in this direction, rather than make the game more serious or dramatic in nature?

JH: Not only did we want to have these characters display their unique personalities, we also wanted to have a deep story that hits key markers of a great Marvel story: danger, adventure, mystery, tension, but also relationships and humor! Every hero can take a break when the world does not need saving and enjoy a good laugh. We want our players to do the same in between the larger-than-life adventures they’ll find in this game.

ST: With the game set in a college-like setting (along with its dating feature and multiple references to selfies, social media and the like), it seems as though the game may skew toward a younger demographic. Was the game designed for a younger audience, or do you expect players of all ages to try it?

JH: Marvel Avengers Academy was designed and created for players of all ages. We believe that players of any age can appreciate attending a super hero school and developing amazing superpowers. Anyone who has ever had the dream of becoming a super hero is welcome to join our Academy.

ST: Similarly, do you feel the game’s theme will attract players who may not be established Marvel fans?

JH: We are excited for all types of players to try the game and are hopeful that this game may introduce some of them to the wonderful world of Marvel. Marvel Avengers Academy offers a unique experience. It’s not simply about fighting evil, it’s also about getting the Avengers to begin romantic relationships, trying on new outfits, helping build the Academy or partying at the Cliffhanger bar. We hope that we offer fun for everyone, no matter how familiar they were with Marvel before they played the game.