Marvel Strikes a Chord with Fans of Captain Marvel and Black Panther

Fans are excited about a lot of things, but these characters have been waiting a long time for a chance to shine.

black pantherMarvel has been riding a decade-long wave of success on the back of our never-ending desire to see people dressed in spandex and capes save the day from world-destroying baddies. But real life has always crept into even the superhero conversation: Why can’t there be more diversity in the lead characters of these stories?

Important to note: There has always been a diverse cast of characters in Marvel comics. The issue is top billing in the movies.

So no surprise that Marvel set the internet on fire when it announced that “Black Panther,” a Black character, would have his own movie, starring Chadwick Boseman, who was recently seen with a pompadour hairstyle starring in the James Brown biopic Get On Up. That will be released in November 2017.

And “Captain Marvel” aka Carol Danvers will have a film coming out July 2018. Hooray!

There was actually much more announced — some Avengers stuff, details about the next Guardians of the Galaxy — but these are the two things that really had people going bonkers. Vulture has a long list of tweets including some where people say they’re already standing in line for tickets LOL. That’s the kind of enthusiasm a company wants to hear when they make a big announcement. It indicates interest and a willingness to spend their movie-going dollars, which are spread thin across so many choices.

We’ve talked about the diversity push at Marvel before, discussing how it matches the increased diversity we’re also seeing on television. In fact, the most popular new shows on television feature casts that span the spectrum of race, age, gender and more. These popular entertainments reflect the demographics of this country.

More than that, this isn’t diversity for diversity’s sake. Vulture also points out that these characters have long histories and loyal fans. They’ve been waiting for the chance to see these strong and interesting characters brought to life. Captain Marvel is Air Force trained and loves Star Wars. Black Panther is brilliant and comes from a fictional tech-savvy African nation. The badassery is real.

Vulture says that there’s a liberal-leaning love that’s pouring out for these latest announcements. More than that, these are fans who have probably enjoyed the Marvel movies thus far, but are excited to see something different on the horizon, something they’re especially passionate about. Full recap from the announcement here.

image via Instagram, concept art for Black Panther