Marvel Contest of Champions Gets Avengers: Age of Ultron Update

The update will see players completing quests and working with their alliance in new events.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Kabam has announced the release of the latest content update for its fighting game, Marvel Contest of Champions, on mobile devices. The update focuses on the upcoming film Avengers: Age of Ultron, and includes both themed content and new overall features.

With this content update, players will have over a month to dive into the themed activities. The story here sees Ultron infecting The Contest, challenging players to defeat him before he can obtain the ISO-Sphere. The update focuses heavily on cooperative play among alliances, as gamers must work together with other players to complete objectives and receive rewards.

In addition to this new storyline and quests, players have access to new Summoner Masteries. Speaking to SocialTimes, Cuz Perry, creative director for Kabam’s Vancouver Studio, explained these masteries in detail:

Our 3.0 build launches with two Mastery categories: Offense and Defense. The Offense tree contains Masteries like “Precision,” which increases the critical hit rate of your Champions, and “Courage,” which gives Champions an attack boost while they’re below half health. The Defense tree contains Masteries like “Stand Your Ground,” which gives your Champions a chance to resist block breaking, or “Lesser Healing,” which heals a small portion of health each second. Masteries are also the place to improve existing abilities like Fury by making them more effective.

Players earn Mastery Points as they level up, and can assign these to chosen categories. Players can also reset their points to try new specializations over time. To do so, gamers can either pay premium currency to instantly recover all of their points and reset the skill tree, or use free recovery items occasionally provided by The Collector.

As for alliance events, these will see players working together to complete specific tasks, receiving both milestone and ranking rewards as they participate.

Perry explained:

There’s a wide variety of different goals in the Alliance Events, some lasting one day, three days or seven days. Players will see everything from getting points by taking down Ultron and his drones, to trying to get perfect fight series in the arenas, to opening as many chests in the Ultron quests as possible! Alliances can pick and choose what they decide to chase down, but there’s a slice of something for everyone in there.

This update brings new characters to the game’s roster, including Ultron Prime, Hulkbuster, Vision and Black Widow. Perry tells us all of these characters will be available to unlock for free by participating in various quests, arena battles, alliance events and more.

In addition, if players check their in-game inbox, they’ll find a message allowing them to view an exclusive new clip from the Avengers: Age of Ultron film, before its release in theaters on May 1, 2015. Finally, players can now challenge other players’ Champions for bragging rights and prizes in head-to-head duels.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.