Marvel Comics App on iPhone vs. iPad: Real Comicbook Reading vs. Keyhole Reading

The free

Marvel Comics 1.0

app is a universal app that installs on runs on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. And, it serves as a good way to illustrate the difference the iPad’s larger screen makes for the specific task of reading a comic book page. The image above is a single cell of the first page from Marvel’s New Avengers #1. That is all you see on an iPhone or iPod touch: A single cell. The image below is the entire first page from the same comic book as seen on an iPad. Although both images are resized for to fit this blog’s column width, I kept the proportions correct on a relative scale. Both are seen at 50% of their normal size.

The Marvel Comics app as well as other comic book apps make a good effort to provide a decent reading experience on the iPhone. However, you can only do so much with a small screen and the end result is like reading a comic book through a keyhole. The iPad’s larger screen provides a more familiar and comfortable reading experience. This has been, I’ve found, the case for other types of apps too.

The iPhone remains, of course, a valuable tool. But, it is becoming clear that a lot of apps designed for it are going to be a lot more interesting and useful when ported to the iPad.