Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics Comes To Facebook

Disney launched 3-D tactical combat game Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics on Facebook this week.

MarvelAvengersAllianceTactics650Disney launched 3-D tactical combat game Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics on Facebook this week.

AJ Glasser of Facebook’s developer-relations team for games explained in an email why she is excited about the launch of this game title:

We’re excited to have a strategy role-playing game come to Facebook, since we haven’t seen much of this genre so far. In SRPGs, there’s an intimacy with individual units on the battlefield and a level of detail that you don’t get in most of the asynchronous turn-based strategy games currently on Facebook and mobile. Tapping into that move-by-move battle planning is a great match for the Facebook platform.

The game is part of the Marvel franchise, which has had new life breathed into it since Disney acquired it. We’ve seen it in film, comic books, and TV, and now we’re happy to see this reinvigoration of the franchise play out on Facebook. The Marvel franchise has a long history with video games on so many platforms. Tactics’ predecessor, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, has been a top performer since it launched on Facebook, and we’re excited to see what the sequel can achieve.

The main character roster for starting characters in this game is about 30 percent female heroes, and even the “faceless” bad guys come in both male and female body models. This is pretty rare for what is typically a “hardcore” male-dominated genre. And personally, I’m excited to have my favorite character, She-Hulk, as one of the first characters you can unlock.

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