Marty Markowitz To Run For Mayor?


The upcoming New York mayoral election is going to rock for metro reporters. Why?

Marty Markowitz is on the verge of announcing his candidacy.

The Brooklyn Borough President and tireless self-promoter of all things Kings County has already raised nearly $750,000 and $286,000 in campaign funds — not to mention that he registered and hired a law firm specializing in election-compliance law.

For those unfamiliar with Markowitz, check out Rebecca Mead‘s profile of him in The new Yorker.

Money quote:

In the past three years, he has become Brooklyn’s most indefatigable promoter. One of Markowitz’s earliest stunts was the installation of signs at entry points to the borough saying “How Sweet It Is!” and “Believe the Hype!” and, on the Gowanus Expressway, approaching the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, another sign, reading “Leaving Brooklyn-Fuhgeddaboudit!” (A subsequent attempt to install signs on the Manhattan-bound side of the Williamsburg Bridge reading “Leaving Brooklyn-Oy Vey!” was rejected by the city’s Department of Transportation as distracting and uninformative.) […]

Marty Markowitz for mayor? Self-promotion is go.