Martin O’Malley Wants Jon Stewart to Host a Debate

As would 179,882+ other petitioners.

You may have seen the petition floating around this week requesting that the Commission on Presidential Debates include Jon Stewart as host of one of the 2016 presidential debates. According to, the petition’s viral popularity this week makes it one of the fastest growing petitions, going from about 1,000 signatures five days ago to the 179,882 supporters currently on board.

Yesterday evening, Democratic presidential nominee hopeful longshot Martin O’Malley added his name to the list.

O’Malley has been an outspoken critic of the “undemocratic” plan for the Democratic primary debates, which are too few in number for his liking. “There’s an effort by a few insiders to try to limit the number of debates that we have and I’ve shared with the chair — Debbie Wasserman Schultz — that I think that’s a grave mistake and I think it’s undemocratic,” O’Malley told The Hill’s Kevin Cirilli at the beginning of August.

O’Malley tried to get fellow Dem contender and debate structure critic Bernie Sanders to set up some illicit debates in a private campaign-manager-to-campaign-manager call. And by illicit, we mean outside of the six sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee. In a new-for-this-cycle rule, the DNC warned participation in non-DNC debate could preclude candidates from the DNC debates, which O’Malley’s campaign contends is “legally unenforceable.”