Martin Lawrence, Katy Perry, YouTube, Coca-Cola and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Comedian Martin Lawrence topped our list of growing Facebook Pages by the number of Likes, probably due to a Page consolidation. Then there was a group of big brands, a range of movie and TV shows, but most of the list was made up by musicians’ Pages. The Pages on our list grew from between 562,300 and 1 million Likes, we measure the growth of Pages with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

1. Martin Lawrence3,992,451+1,084,230+37%
2. Katy Perry28,882,983+1,054,324+4%
3. Facebook45,750,505+1,036,208+2%
4. YouTube39,151,934+995,846+3%
5. Shakira34,252,803+863,806+3%
6. Rihanna37,891,862+863,606+2%
7. El Club de la Comedia852,279+852,279+0.0%
8. Eminem40,789,843+842,400+2%
9. The Simpsons30,013,366+729,391+2%
10. Lady Gaga38,336,808+697,470+2%
11. AKON25,717,879+681,783+3%
12. Coca-Cola30,675,401+667,006+2%
13. Family Guy33,285,307+617,104+2%
14. Black Eyed Peas20,816,578+598,130+3%
15. Linkin Park30,562,645+589,013+2%
16. Avril Lavigne22,113,699+582,765+3%
17. South Park29,992,401+579,774+2%
18. Harry Potter26,505,637+574,827+2%
19. Usher21,076,163+567,564+3%
20. Beyoncé24,060,001+562,250+2%

As mentioned, Martin Lawrence’s Page grew more than 1 million Likes to 3.9 million over the course of one day; this is most likely to do a Page consolidation. Big brands on the list included Facebook, growing over 1 million Likes to 45.7 million, and  YouTube, growing 995,800 Likes to 39.1 million.  Coca-Cola also made the list, adding 667,000 Likes to push past 30.6 million.

An interesting list of TV and movie Pages made our list, too.

El Club de la Comedia” is a Spanish language comedy show that said on the Page it’s “back” on TV, consequently adding all of its 852,300 Likes this week. “The Simpsons” grew by 729,400 Likes to surpass a total of 30 million; the Page featured a show-related quiz this week. “Family Guy” grew to 33.2 million by adding 617,100 Likes this week after promoting the show and related merchandise. “South Park” added 579,800 likes to come in just under 30 million; the Page promoted related Comedy Central and creators’ projects this week. Finally, “Harry Potter” saw 574,800 more Likes, taking the Page to 26.5 million after releasing more movie posters for the upcoming July premiere of the next film.

Then came the music Pages.

Katy Perry added more than 1 million Likes after promoting her tour and latest video. Shakira’s Page grew by 863,800 Likes to 34.2 million by promoting her latest video and single. Eminem also used videos to grow his Page from 842,400 Likes to 40.7 million. Rihanna hasn’t been using videos, but photos with fans at her concerts, to grow her Page 863,600 Likes to 37.9 million.

Lady Gaga saw 697,500 Likes more to reach 38.3 million on Facebook after promoting her media appearances. AKON saw 681,800 Likes more to his 25.7 million by promoting his upcoming video. Black Eyed Peas were scheduled to perform for free in New York City, but it was rained out; nonetheless the band added 598,100 likes to surpass 20.8 million Likes on the Page. Linkin Park grew by 589,000 Likes to 30.5 million by promoting their music and media appearances. Avril Lavigne’s Page grew by 582,800 Likes to reach 22.1 million with personal video and photo updates. Usher saw 567,600 Likes to pass 21 million with video updates and media/tour updates. Finally, Beyoncé’s 562,300 new Likes put her over 24 million as she promotes her upcoming album.