Martin Bashir to Website CEO: “You’re Fundamentally Acting Like a Pimp”

Martin Bashir brought out his brassy Brit self last night for a “Nightline” special devoted to “Modern Sex” – how Web entrepreneurs are making a small fortune on fornication. One story exposed how cheating spouses have turned into a small business for a San Diego man. Another focused on the site,, matching “beautiful girls and established men.”

College dropout-turned stripper-turned Web entrepreneur Simone Dadoun-Cohen defended her site to a probing Bashir. “You’re fundamentally acting like a pimp,” he told her. The story below:

By the way, “Nightline’s” sex romp finished first in younger viewers (2.0 rating), beating Leno (1.8) and Letterman (1.0). The show tied Leno (4.1 rating) in Households. “Nightline,” no doubt, got a lift from the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars.”