Martha’s Phoenix project: “You’re released!”

Mark Burnett wasted no time while Martha Stewart has been taking yard exercise and counting the days: NBC tells us a moment ago that She Who Must Be Obeyed is edging out the newly hitched, self-effacing Mr. Knauss (who exec produces) for the boardroom chair in a new round of watching people too young to shave (or, for the women’s part, to wear business suits that look like they didn’t steal them from mummy) trying to kill each other to get a glorified waiter’s job:

“The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” will start casting imminently, kicking off in NY the day after tomorrow. Our favorite part: The show will be tailored to fit Martha’s unique profile, Jeff Zucker said, and will focus on “media, home, renovation (cleaning?), entertaining, design, merchandising, technology and style.” We think “license plate printing” is right between design and merchandising, unless you’re in Maine, where they have those cute little lobsters on them, in which case it’s pure design. And that’s a good thing.