Martha Stewart To Launch New Reality Series, Digital Magazine

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has announced that it will further tighten its stranglehold on all things relating to throw pillows and frosting tips through an upcoming reality television series and a digital publication.

The series, titled Help Me, Martha! and produced by Mark Burnett, features eight, unscripted episodes centering around the way in which Martha Stewart and several home and design experts help solve challenges. The losing expert will get bitten in the face. Sometimes even by Sharkey.

It sounds slightly terrifying and, if we may so, a bit like a watering down of Martha’s brand:

In the reality series, someone petitions Stewart to help a friend who’s having trouble planning a wedding or a special meal or is facing some other lifestyle issue. The doorbell rings and — surprise! — Stewart and her team are there to take over.

Burnett says it’s been fun to see “the joy on people’s faces that Martha Stewart is in their home.”

The digital publication, titled Boundless Beauty, is set to debut later this year and will feature images celebrating “everyday beauty.”