Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s Gael Towey: iPad App Will Influence Print Edition

Man bites dog: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia editorial director and creative head Gael Towey told paidContent the publisher’s second iPad app, set to debut in early 2011, will influence the production of the print edition of Martha Stewart Living.

The app is completely independent of the magazine, and paidContent reported that it opens with an animated image of a single peony blooming, made up from 180 stills photographed over 10 hours to create the effect of the petals opening.

Towey told paidContent:

There is so much more we can do when it comes to storytelling in a truly multimedia setting. There’s a greater ability and call for blending all the various media formats available to MSLO, and that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. We expect that the app audience would skew a little younger than the typical reader, so we aimed some of those features at what we expect will be a new audience.

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