Martha Stewart Cooks Up Tweets, Looks Ahead

NEW YORK Martha Stewart has amassed an impressive 600,000-plus followers on Twitter (marthastewart), which she’s used to broadcast everything from photos to last night’s dinner menu to her fervent fans. But she conceded having reservations about the social networking site.

“I have a lot of concerns about Twitter,” the domestic diva said, speaking at media investment bank DeSilva + Phillips’ Future of Celebrity Media conference Thursday. “I don’t care about the 140 character [limit]. But some of these people who are Twittering all day…they’re probably very nice people, but I think they’re probably misguided. I don’t think Twitter can inspire the way a blog…or a book can.”

As Twitter casts about for a business model, Stewart said she probably would advertise on the service but acknowledged the potential of turning off customers by commercializing it.

Meanwhile, with ad revenue plummeting, Stewart said her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, like its peers, is looking for ways to charge customers more for content. In June, MSLO will test a plan using iAmplify to sell downloadable videos of archived episodes of her TV show, Martha Stewart Living. The one-time prices haven’t been determined.

“I’ve been considering charging for content since we started 15 years ago,” she said. “I would like very much to figure out how we can ultimately charge.”