Martha Nelson Move a Sign of the TIME(s)

From Time Inc. editor in chief to Yahoo global editor in chief.

MarthaNelsonPicStarting next Monday, Martha Nelson, the former editor in chief of Time Inc., will oversee from New York a dozen U.S. “digital magazines.” In alphabetical order, they are:

Yahoo Autos
Yahoo Beauty
Yahoo Food
Yahoo Health
Yahoo Makers
Yahoo Movies
Yahoo Music
Yahoo Parenting
Yahoo Style
Yahoo Tech
Yahoo Travel
Yahoo TV

Not a single one of these publications existed when Nelson started with Time Inc. in 2002 or left in 2013. This year, the group of Yahoo portals has added several dozen more video series to the mix. Everything from Riding Shotgun With Michelle Rodriguez, which belongs to Yahoo Autos, to YourTech, an exploration of wearable technology by former New York Times columnist David Pogue for Yahoo Tech.

As Yahoo’s incoming global editor in chief, Nelson joins Yahoo News global anchor Katie Couric, whose decision to jump to digital was similarly emblematic. Speaking of The Times, the Gray Lady has summarized the Nelson news by means of an article that consists of a single 111-word paragraph. Throw in the additional 30 international “digital magazines” Nelson will be responsible for, and that works out to about 2.5 old-dog words for each new-dog brand.

Correction (11:15 a.m.):
The original version of this post incorrectly included Yahoo Politics as one of the U.S. digital magazines to be overseen by Nelson. That title remains in the purview of Megan Liberman. Additionally, Pogue, above, was listed as still being with The New York Times; he of course departed the paper for Yahoo in 2013. FishbowlNY apologizes for the errors.

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