Mars Curiosity Elicits Renewed Interest In Space Exploration And Mohawks

If you’re reading this, you know about Mars Curiosity and its touchdown on the red planet late last night. You’ve likely seen some of the first pictures sent back too.

And if all that is true, then you probably saw NASA’s flight director, Bobak Ferdowsi’s red and blue tinged mohawk, with yellow stars dyed on the side of his head.

Yes, it’s a great day for space exploration – and for bringing back an oft-maligned 80s style up’ do!

Mars Curiosity touched down last night and shared the following (of many) image from his live-tweeted Twitter stream.



As you can see it was very popular – garnering a flurry of retweets that almost rivaled the number of new followers Mohawk Guy gained!

That’s right. In case you missed him, the other focal point for viewers was Bobak Ferdowsi, aka “Mohawk Guy.” As Huffington Post shares, Ferdowsi’s mohawk not only caught the focus of viewers, it spawned memes, Twitter posts about the “NASA mohawk guy” and the creation of a Tumblr blog titled “NASA Needs More Mohawks.”

According to Buzzfeed, Ferdowsi had approximately 200 followers before his mohawk went viral. He now has 20,000 – and counting. The image above got just under twenty thousand retweets. Looks like the mohawk wins!

Will this start a mohawk trend, you think? Have you already shaved your head?

(Ferdowsi mohawk pic from his @tweetsoutloud account)