Marriott Rewards Is Giving 4 Influencers Spectacles to Make Buzzy Snapchat Stories

And turn them into ads

Jen Levinson stars in the first piece of branded content. Marriott Rewards
Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Lots of marketers have abandoned their Snapchat channels for creating organic content, but Marriott Rewards is pumping resources into creating 10-second vertical clips for the app.

Today, it’s launching an intriguing Snapchat campaign that runs through July and combines influencer marketing, Snap’s video-capturing Spectacles glasses and paid ads. Marriott has hired four social influencers—Jen Levinson, Tom Jauncey, Sara Hopkins and Diipa Khosla—to take over the brand’s Snapchat account roughly once a month.

Marriott has previously worked with influencers to take over the brand’s flagship accounts and has also purchased geofilters and Snap Ads, but this is the first time the brand has pushed content for its Rewards loyalty program. This time, each influencer will create content documenting one-week stays at Marriott properties in Berlin, New York, Dubai and Seoul, South Korea.

“In terms of this type of investment in content, specifically original content filmed for Snapchat, this is the first time that Rewards is really diving this deep,” said Amanda Moore, senior director of social and digital marketing of loyalty at Marriott Rewards. “We want to give you that first person point of view from the members’ vantage point, so we are incorporating a lot of shots from that perspective.”

Today, Levinson’s content from Berlin is rolling out and will be published on both her channel and the brand’s. It features Levinson trying new foods like currywurst and schnitzel.

“We only have a limited amount of time to capture your attention, so we felt like these influencers have such a strong presence, they’re camera-ready, they have a built-in audience to really bring those brands to life,” Moore said in talking about the decision to have influencers create the videos.

The campaign is the latest example of how Marriott has increasingly poured more money into digital content in recent years. To track how the content compares to more traditional marketing like TV, Marriott is running a brand-effect study with Nielsen.

“We are treating this series like you would TV; we’re going to be measuring very closely how users are reacting to the content, how they’re engaging with the content, and that will drive our strategy,” Moore said. “We can come out of this three months from now and have sound data on if this moves the needle in increasing awareness of the loyalty program.”

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.