Marketwatch’s Friedman Calls Slow, Reveals Own Employer’s Shortcomings


We hate to pick on Marketwatch columnist Jon Friedman. But when he criticizes other media, we’re compelled to point out the delicious irony. In describing Time magazine’s slow development online in his column today, Friedman (unwittingly?) draws attention to the shortcomings of his own employer.

“The best sites boast witty writers, adventurous columnists, nifty graphics and unorthodox layouts. In other words, they have an unmistakable identity,” writes Friedman of what Time should have done.

Leaving aside the “witty writers” and “adventurous columnists” (one man’s Nirvana-quoting hack is another man’s Mencken), Friedman’s employer, Marketwatch, is of course king of “nifty graphics” and “unorthodox layouts.” They’re practically a Red Hook design collective at this point.


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