MarketWatch Turns 10


Mark Glaser of PBS MediaShift spoke to MarketWatch’s Managing Editor Alexander Davis. Next week MarketWatch turns 10, which in internet years, is a lifetime. While Davis wasn’t allowed to talk about the NewsCorp aquisition, here’s what we learned:

— MarketWatch’s informal stock ownership policy for its writers ”is a bit of a higher standard than the rest of Dow Jones.”

— MarketWatch is dealing with the loss of CBS’s heavy promotion: ”It’s hard to say what has happened to our traffic. I think we did take a hit when we lost the CBS side of the equation, lost their promotion.”

— Davis enjoyed being a part of the stories he covered when MarketWatch launched their IPO: ”When we became a public company, a year after that, in a record-setting debut on the stock market was a highlight too, because it was a great story.”

(image via Mediashift)