Marketplace Wins the Sweepstakes as This Week’s Top Gaining Facebook App by Monthly Active Users

Sweepstakes never get old. The top Facebook app on this week’s AppData list of gainers by monthly active users (MAU) has more than doubled its already-substantial userbase by offering a giveaway of items like the new Google Nexus smartphone and the Nintendo Wii.

In our reckoning, that makes Marketplace, at number one, a bigger winner than any of its users that get lucky:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Marketplace7,955,387+4,425,145+55.62
2. Static FBML18,612,620+4,150,931+22.30
3. Birthday Cards49,135,859+3,304,530+6.73
4. FarmVille79,331,014+2,653,765+3.35
5. Calendario de Amigos9,864,730+2,216,219+22.47
6. Zoo World19,499,210+1,490,899+7.65
7. Which Celeb Do You Look Most Like ?1,603,189+1,244,080+77.60
8. Incontra gente1,323,692+1,164,630+87.98
9. Photos I Love!2,769,597+935,305+33.77
10. Facts about friends913,983+913,821+99.98
11. My City Life1,633,798+835,234+51.12
12. 6 waves Gaming Network903,498+754,810+83.54
13. MindJolt Games17,149,554+695,479+4.06
14. Yearbook6,049,041+688,002+11.37
15. Friends Exposed15,255,305+663,046+4.35
16. Demande à tes Amis635,674+574,506+90.38
17. Facebook for iPhone26,851,685+553,594+2.06
18. PetVille18,682,529+548,893+2.94
19. Friend Quiz11,124,995+535,702+4.82
20. Texas HoldEm Poker25,833,621+527,263+2.04

Of course, it’s a bit odd that Marketplace has to find ways to market itself, since the app by Oodle is one of the few Facebook appears to list by default, as its in-house classifieds section.

Number two, Static FBML, has appeared consistently as one of the top growers, probably because it counts users who interact with Pages modified with the customizing app. And number three, Birthday Cards, is the RockYou card-sending app that had previously held the top spot on this list for weeks.

We spend some time talking about the second rise of FarmVille over on Inside Social Games, but suffice it to say that the Zynga game may not be done taking over the world yet. Below it is Calendario de Amigos, which might briefly fool you into thinking it’s one of the biggest foreign-language apps. It is, by measuring MAU, but by our measurements only three percent of its users come back on a daily basis.

Finally, we’ll point out Which Celeb Do You Look Most Like?, a simple quiz created by a high-schooler — not as an example of an app with staying power (it’s not) but as evidence of what might well be a hidden craving for a good celebrity-focused app on Facebook.