Marketplace Will Be Covering the Conventions With a Daily Podcast

Andrea Seabrook will host.

Marketplace’s approach to convention coverage will be a daily podcast, a “pop-up,” as they describe it, called Politics Inside Out. The two-week venture will be hosted by DC bureau chief Andrea Seabrook, who joined Marketplace at the end of last month and is wasting no time in putting her stamp on coverage.

The theme, and filter through which the podcast will be explaining the convention is insider vs. outsider. “Our latest Marketplace-Edison Research poll shows that most Americans think the economy is rigged. Put that perception together with increasing income inequality and you get an insider versus outsider view of political and economic systems.” Seabrook explains in a statement. “We want to push ourselves and our stories out of the convention bubble, and bring Americans’ questions in. Marketplace aims to both describe this generational shift in politics and economics, and work to bridge it.”

The polls she is referring to are part of Marketplace’s ongoing series that takes the results of a succession of polls, conducted jointly with Edison Research, around economic anxiety and ties them back to election-related issues.

Each day’s podcast will last 8-10 minutes and will include convention interviews, discussions with Marketplace hosts Kai Ryssdal and David Brancaccio and on the ground reporting from reporters Nancy Marshall-Genzer and Kimberly Adams.

You can check it out here.