Marketo’s Jason Miller On Facebook For B2B: Why So Serious?

We caught up with Jason Miller, Marketo's social media strategist, at the Marketo Summit Conference to talk Facebook business-to-business marketing and spill his best tips to drive leads.

Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics, will speak at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference June 5 in San Francisco.

We caught up with Jason Miller, Marketo’s social media strategist, at the Marketo Summit Conference to talk Facebook business-to-business marketing and spill his best tips to drive leads.

Yu: Jason, think fast – name five purple things.

Miller: Barney, Grimace, crayons, eggplant, and Jon Miller’s shoes.

Yu: Awesome. How important is a sense of humor in social marketing?

Miller: I believe it’s vital. On Facebook, you have to showcase your personality by having a comedian on your marketing team. Then, you’re golden. He comes up with clever and catchy jokes to post, and he ties them back to a business offer with your company. And Dennis, believe me when I say we’ve seen dramatic success with that approach.
Yu: I believe you, but most folks say they’re not so  sure. They’re targeting information-technology managers at big brands. They want to maintain a “professional” image — not tell jokes or post cat pictures. How would you convince them?

Miller: We see Facebook as a place to have fun. And that might be why we’re always asked if it works. Just in case you weren’t sure, of course it works; there’s a reason why nearly every brand you can think of has a Facebook presence. “But Jason,” they say, “our audience isn’t there so why should we be?” I can’t help but laugh. My friend, 1.3 billion people have a Facebook profile. Do you really think your prospects – decision-makers, too – aren’t on the largest social network in the world?

[Editor’s note: when uploading emails to Facebook, B2B companies should expect a 30-40 percent match rate.]

Don’t make the mistake of “selling” to them, though; they’re not on Facebook for that. Entertain them. Delight them. Give your marketing campaigns such personality that your prospects want to share it with their friends. We do that at Marketo to raise affinity and drive engagement.

After that, you’re ready to market an event. Get them to sign up for your Webinar by offering valuable content about your industry.

But at the end of the day, what really matters is having a social presence, showing your personality, humanizing your business, and having a little fun in the process of course. We all know the B2B sales cycle is long. Your Facebook posts are little touch points that can make all the difference in staying top-of-mind with your prospects. B2B marketers really underestimate the power of this, so there’s a lot of opportunity to show improvement.

You want them to remember you when they need your business, so keep marketing on Facebook – and elsewhere – during the entire life cycle. Don’t forget, though, that leads from Facebook and other social networks usually need to be nurtured. So, you should have a nurture track to drop them into. They’re seldom ready to buy outright, so building a relationship with them is key. But on the bright side, you’re getting them at the top of the funnel, which means you’re catching them where they spend most of their time and, in turn, you’re staying top-of-mind.

Yu: How do you quantify that for marketers driven by return on investment, who are used to cost per lead and cost per sale?

Miller: Well, that’s the fun part. You get to use a marketing automation system like Marketo. You can tag your Facebook landing pages or forms to a lead-generation source. You can do this with Facebook — Facebook organic and Facebook paid. You can use geo-targeting in North America, too. When you run your reports, you’ll see how many leads Facebook brought in, and then you can score those leads based on job title and demographic. You can really assess lead quality before putting them into the funnel, so you can nurture them intelligently and watch how they convert.