Marketing Firms Launching Facebook Page Management Services Since Redesign Announced

If the number of social media marketing firms launching and expanding their Facebook Page management services is any indication, Facebook’s Pages redesign is a step in the right direction with the advertising community.

Just last week, Facebook announced that Facebook Pages (they’re now actually called “public profiles”) were being changed to look and act a lot more like Facebook profile pages: primarily oriented around content sharing and thus able to reap the benefits of the News Feed. (For more details on all the specific changes and what they mean for Page owners, see Inside Facebook’s Facebook Marketing Bible.)

Since then, there’s been a lot of discussion on the “page management” front because, well, there’s now more to manage – and perceptably more to gain from actively managing them.

For example, New York-based app-vertisement developer Buddy Media today announced the launch of its “Facebook Page Management Program,” designed to help advertisers integrate branded applications into their Facebook Pages. To date, the company has built Facebook applications for the likes of Budweiser,, FedEx, and others.

“App-vertisements will no longer exist as an island in the social world, but rather be fully integrated into an overall social media strategy on a brand’s Facebook Page,” said Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media.

In addition, New York and Boston-based new media consultancy The Advance Guard today enthusiastically announced its support for brands to actively embrace the new Facebook public profiles.

“With this rollout, everything changes,” the firm says.

Meanwhile, word of mouth marketing firm theKbuzz is encouraging clients to migrate from the old Pages to the new public profiles as soon as possible.

We’re revamping all of our clients’ pages to work with the awesome new format,” the company says on their Facebook page.

In other words, more marketing firms are adding Facebook Page Management to their quiver of services for brands interested in both performance and brand advertising. That’s good news for Facebook, which made the changes to boost Pages’ importance to marketers. A large part of Facebook’s performance advertising business depends on businesses driving traffic to campaigns and promotions on Pages, so the company is likely to continue to develop them as it learns more about how the new public profiles are working for advertisers and users.

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