Marketing And Advertising Hiring Outlook: Slowly But Surely

“Does your company or agency plan to increase or decrease the number of full-time marketing/advertising personnel on your staff during the second quarter of 2010?”

Marketing companies are slowly planning to hire again, but the key word is slowly, according to a new survey by staffing firm The Creative Group.

500 randomly selected marketing and advertising execs were asked whether their company plans to increase or decrease staff levels in the second quarter of 2010; 13 percent said they’d hire, but 12 percent said staff levels would be reduced, resulting, TCG notes dryly, in a net 1 percent increase. One percent!!

However, this still means opportunity for people out of work, as there will be some turnover. Web designers will be most in demand, with 15 percent of respondents indicating they’d like to hire someone with those skills. Print design follows at 14 percent, with art direction trailing at 13 percent.

Copywriters aren’t so lucky: only 5 percent of respondents plan to hire a copywriter in the next quarter.