Marketing, Advertising Included in 9/11 Coverage

Ten years appears to be the time limit for 9/11 broadcasts sans advertising and marketing. According to Ad Age, marketing and advertising are making a hesitant comeback to the day’s coverage, with brands sponsoring news segments and specials, and commercials coming back to the day’s programming. Over the past decade, the networks have lost millions by not airing any ads.

Nevertheless, the story notes that advertisers are “treading carefully,” fully aware that this is still a day for remembrance and grief. The same should hold true for publicists; important 9/11 stories should be brought to the media’s attention, but awful pitches that seek to capitalize on the newsworthiness of the day are still gross.

TheWrap has a rundown of the 9/11 coverage that’s been planned so far. Separately, there’s this craziness.

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