Marketers Love Social Media More Than Booze, Drugs And Office Affairs [INFOGRAPHIC]

In less than a decade social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook have rapidly integrated themselves into our everyday personal and professional lives, and no industry has been impacted quite as much as marketing.

Indeed, your common or garden ad man is more than twice as likely to be active on Twitter than a “normal” person, and 92 percent are using the micro-blogging network to follow brands (compared with just 33 percent of regular folk). This trend continues (with differing ratios) on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Spotify.

They’re even (gasp) using Google+.

Moreover, 63 percent of marketers strongly agree that companies should invest more in their social media consumer strategy. It’s not all positive, though – outside of the social world, advertising professionals are significantly more likely to have used illicit drugs, thrown up from consuming too much alcohol and hooked up with a co-worker than the rest of us.

So… no real surprises there, then. This infographic from San Francisco-based advertising agency Heat takes a closer look at how marketers are using social media.

(Source: Heat. Thumbs up image via Shutterstock.)