Where Are Marketers Planning to Spend Their Holiday Budgets? [Infographic]

With the holiday season approaching, marketers are gearing up to spend most of their digital budgets on Facebook.


As the holiday season approaches, marketers are gearing up for their campaigns. Just like the pumpkin spice must flow, so must the marketing dollars. A new infographic from Offerpop makes a few predictions about 2014 holiday marketing trends.

Holiday spending usually accounts for more than $600 billion in marketing dollars, but this year the total is expected to be eight percent higher. The primary goal for more than 60 percent of marketers surveyed is to drive sales and expand brand reach. Nearly 20 percent want to generate qualified leads, and others want to drive traffic to their websites.

A whopping 94 percent of marketers plan to spend the majority of their budgets on Facebook, with only four percent planning to spend more on Twitter. That said, 73 percent of marketers think that Instagram is the breakout network for 2014, so there may be an increase in spending there.

Mostly, marketers seem more inclined to spend in proven markets. Nearly 50 percent of those surveyed said they aren’t spending on untested networks. Twenty percent plan to spend something on Swarm, a Foursquare app, and 16 percent have considered spending on Snapchat.

To see just how many marketers plan to increase their spending and what other apps are considered breakouts, view the infographic below.