Facebook SPMD Brand Networks partners with Planalytics to factor weather into marketing campaigns

Weather affects the way people shop and dine, which sounds odd until you think about it. The state of the skies often steers us to buy and eat a certain way: Scarves and hot cocoa on a frigid day, sunglasses and shaved ice on a hot one.

Savvy to that fact, Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Brand Networks this week teamed up with Planalytics to factor in local weather forecasts in social marketing campaigns, combining digital marketing technologies with the latter’s business weather intelligence software to fuse social media and actionable weather analytics. The newly bundled social marketing stack automatically buys social ads and manages social publishing in reaction to weather-driven triggers by region.

Retail offers the most importunate example. Weather determines which products sell faster than others, for obvious reasons. If, for example, it’s sweltering in New York City, but pouring rain in Vancouver, it wouldn’t make sense for brands to market the same clothing in both cities. The newly launched merged software gives marketers the ability to tailor their strategies into responsive, hyper-local campaigns.

The integrated technology is a natural match for Facebook with its target-marketed ad platform, says Brand Networks. Frederic Fox, CEO and Co-founder of Planalytics adds:

We have always provided our customers with advanced weather insights that help maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks presented by changing weather. Now, we’re able to help them translate this intelligence into smart social media and marketing decisions which drive exponential sales in-store and online.

Of course, raw weather data alone doesn’t account for other demand-influencing variables, like geography, product and service, time of year, gender and age, to name some. Planalytics taps into exhaustive market-specific weather-demand models based on years of actual sales data and layers those demand signatures over weather forecasts to create a super accurate picture of how weather influences the public’s buying habits and how to market accordingly. Jamie Tedford, CEO and founder of Brand Networks, tells Inside Facebook:

Weather has an enormous impact on retail businesses operations, inventory decisions and ultimately sales. However, retail marketers have lacked real-time and hyper-local advertising vehicles to make weather intelligence work at scale. The Social Marketing Stack with WeatherSmart changes all that for our clients.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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