Market Basket Parody Account Masters Investor Relations

Remember Market Basket? They’re the company that amazingly did not take our wise (in retrospect) advice about not firing the executive that everyone likes.

The firing was so unpopular that at least three separate Save Market Basket/People of Market Basket Facebook pages now exist; the most popular has more than 75,000 likes.

That’s not all: this morning alerted us to the activities of a certain individual/individuals so invested in the future of Market Basket and its terrible PR decisions that he/she/they set up a parody Twitter account mocking the company’s board of directors.

More tweets after the jump.

LOL who wrote that?

…and we thank you for your invaluable service.

Getting at the underlying strategy here…


It’s true that we haven’t kept up with ousted CEO Arthur T. DeMoulas’s ongoing efforts to buy the company, primarily because we don’t live in Boston and we’d never heard of the business before this story broke.

But if the board of directors wants to know how its employees and a fair share of the public feels about it right now, they might want to follow this Twitter account and embarrass themselves in the process.