Mark Zuckerberg to Meet With Conservative Media Members

The Trending bias story continues.

Mark Zuckerberg is meeting with conservative media figures—like Glenn Beck and former Mitt Romney staffer Zac Moffatt—in an effort to assure them that the site’s Trending feature doesn’t suppress right wing stories.

“They [Facebook] have had the same problem that many in media and Silicon Valley face: suppression of conservative voices and ideas,” wrote Beck in a Facebook post (of course). “Mark wanted to meet with 8 or ten of us to explain what happened and assure us that it won’t happen again.”

Facebook has repeatedly denied the report that staffers who worked on the Trending feature were told to eliminate right wing items. However, people are still talking about it because, well, as long as there are humans behind the Trending algorithm, there will be bias.

Beck added that he hoped Facebook—the “only communal experience we now have in some ways”—will allow everyone to see the “other side” of the news.

We hope Zuckerberg tells him that as soon as conservative media outlets stop the fear/hate mongering, their stories will be reinserted. However, we imagine that’s probably not going to happen.