Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Lacey Interview Disaster

Of all the interviews I have ever had the opportunity to sit in on, this one takes the cake for being the worst. Sarah Lacey, the author of a Business Week cover article as well as a book on Mark Zuckerberg, appeared to spend more time discussing the personal moments that her and Mark shared before. At least ten times during the interview, Sarah Lacey failed to end on a question and instead preferred to end on statements. Mark Zuckerberg even called her out for it stating that the interview would be more interesting if she asked some questions.

Halfway through the interview, Sarah Lacey ineloquently interjected that she was trying to understand the hand signals of the stage people and was surprised that she was only halfway through the interview. Zuckerberg replied “are you out of questions?” The grand finale of the interview resulted in the audience revolting after one person said “say something interesting” to which Lacey replied, “you don’t understand how hard my job is.”

Sarah Lacey was obviously unprepared for the interview to which Mark Zuckerberg was simply a passenger of. The end of the interview was Mark Zuckerberg stating that the interview wasn’t that bad… This interview was ultimately a disaster. I will be posting video footage of the full interview shortly.