Mark Zuckerberg Joins Twitter, Follows Hundreds

Following yesterday’s news that Mark Zuckerberg had joined Twitter, Mark began following hundreds of followers this afternoon. In just over a day, Mark attracted over 5,000 followers on Twitter, more than have become fans of him on Facebook. So why would Mark suddenly become so active on the site? Eric Eldon speculates that one reason may be that they’ve revisited the negotiating table with Twitter and have successfully agreed upon a rational valuation.

A counter argument to this speculative notion is that Mark is trying out what it’s like to use a completely open communication channel as Facebook will soon become just as open. As Eric Eldon also notes, David Recordon recently suggested that the site will soon be much more open and Mark Zuckerberg decided to confirm that via a public Tweet, “@daveman692 You’re not crazy :)”.

Over the coming weeks we will see many more announcements by Facebook which illustrates this continuing trend toward openness. All of this is in theory a movement toward a completely open system in which users can still control what information is public and which information is private. Mark also further emphasized the future openness via this statement:

I find it funny that it’s on Digg that I’m here. I’m looking forward to when people can have unlimited connections on Facebook soon!

While Chris Cox jokingly stated that you could now follow as many people as you want on Facebook in a manner similar to Twitter last week, many interpreted it as a feature that will be live in a matter of days. While the timeframe may have been somewhat confusing, it’s clear that this will soon become a reality.

So is this leading toward an eventual merging of the two companies? Not necessarily. If Facebook is serious about taking openness to the next stage, there may soon be less of a reason to use Twitter.