Mark Zuckerberg Gets Reflective as He Nears 30

Espouses motto of 'ship love' at the f8 conference

Facebook has a new unofficial motto: Ship Love. The old motto everyone knows is Move Fast and Break Things, but at today’s f8 developers conference a kindler, gentler Mark Zuckerberg revealed himself.

The Facebook CEO is on the verge of 30, which is old in Silicon Valley. On stage, he reflected on his march to middle age, on his 10 years with Facebook, and on 10 years since meeting his wife Priscilla Chan.

He seems to have discovered that hacking is not the only thing that matters in this world, and in a sensitive moment he delivered a new kind of vision for his company.

“My goal for the culture of Facebook is to build a culture of loving the people we serve that is as strong if not stronger than hacking at Facebook,” he said. He said hacker culture was too inward focused, and Facebook wants to focus on its users and app partners.

It’s all about people, man. In fact, Facebook employees have now embraced a mantra of “ship love,” a Facebook rep said, who added that instead of referring to Facebook’s audience as users, they just call them people.

The shift is more than cosmetic, because Facebook spent the developers conference reinforcing its ties with partners, realizing more than ever that its future depends on working together.

Facebook doesn’t have its own mobile operating system or hardware, so it is trying to maintain its position by becoming integral to the mobile app landscape.

Last year, Facebook bought Parse, which supports 260,000 apps. Parse services were promoted heavily at f8, with Facebook offering app developers promises of stability and customer service.

Facebook outlined the ways that app developers could use its platform to share the wealth, and launched the Facebook Audience Network.

Lance Ulanoff of Mashable wrote that these are signs that Facebook is growing up, describing it as saying goodbye to the hoodie.


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