‘Miss Metro’ Could Be Shoo-In for Bad Girls Club

Not all Metro employees are terrible, but once in a while you get one who takes the cake for behaving badly. We can thank WTOP reporter Mark Segraves for delivering a little justice on this front.

A Metro bus driver has been suspended following an altercation with Segraves in which she gave him the finger and told him to call her “Miss Metro.” He caught most of it on camera. And it’s hilarious. The woman, who instructs the reporter on her “best side” for filming purposes, deserves her own reality show after this — TLC or Oxygen Network are you listening? Bad Girls Club could use some freshening up.

“I don’t think it rises to the level of getting fired,” Segraves told FBDC. “Most people don’t react well when a camera is thrust in their face, so I’m willing to cut her some slack.”


From WTOP’s website

Segraves says he was trying to park his car outside WTOP studios on Idaho Avenue in Northwest D.C. Wednesday afternoon when he noticed an X3 bus bound for Minnesota Avenue bearing down on him.

“The bus was coming down behind me and didn’t want to wait for me to parallel park and honked its horn at me,” says Segraves. “When I turned (to the bus), the bus driver was flipping me the bird.”

Segraves told us this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, but said it is the first time he decided to do something about it. “The reason I took action was because my instinct was that this kind of thing happens every day, and not just with Metro employees and I knew reporting it would draw a strong public reaction, which it has,” he said.

He particularly enjoyed DCist‘s headline for the story: “‘Miss Metro’ Went and F**ked With the Wrong Guy.”

After Segraves parked his car, he hopped on the bus as it stopped to let people on. He had the camera on his phone rolling.

“Did you have something you want to say to me?” Segraves asked the bus driver as he stood at the door’s steps. “I said it,” she replied. The rest of the dialogue (we’ll call it a dialogue) went as follows:

Segraves: “What was that?” Segraves asked.

Bus driver: “Whatever it was.”

Segraves: “When you ran me off the road?”

Bus driver: “Do something with yourself.”

At this point Segraves is fully on the bus standing by the driver. She closed the door on him, hid her name tag and began to drive away with him on board.

Segraves: “Why are you hiding your name tag? Why did you take your name tag off? Can I get off this bus?”

Bus driver: “You can get off at the next stop.”

She told Segraves to call her “Miss Metro” and gave him camera tips, saying “the other side is my best side.”

Watch the video: